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I met Jacob Mariano a few years ago at a friend’s wedding. Since then he’s become quite the photographer and I’m so happy to count him as a client and more importantly a friend. He recently relaunched his website and has the most epic stop motion intro video. I LOVE IT! He also recently blogged about his Madera Books! Here’s his intro and his post about Madera!

So some of you may have ventured over to the products page and checked out the rolling slideshow of our new albums. But I’m sure some of you haven’t yet seen them because you’ve just been visiting the site to see our home page. : )

Either way, I wanted to write a little post to show some images of the amazing albums we are now using. Our friend and fellow photographer Michael Norwood has recently taken on a new venture by starting an album company called Madera Books! If you are a photographer you can officially end your search for the perfect album company! Trust me!

The things I like about these albums are the quality of the leather and the craftsmanship that goes into making them. When you hold them you can’t help but want to rub your hands across each page. They have such an amazing feel to them. One HUGE plus to these albums is the flush mounted seam. I’ve seen other flush mounted albums that either have a folded seam, which leaves a hump in the middle of the page and will crack over time, or they have a cut seam that leaves a thick gap between pages. These albums have a razor thin cut seam leaving a smooth and virtually unnoticed gutter between each page. LOVE IT! I take great care and detail into every spread I design and don’t take the way the final product turns out lightly. That being said we couldn’t be happier with the quality and customer service Madera has given us.

We’ve actually had these albums for a little while now but haven’t made the time to blog about them, until now. So here they are in all there glory! Feel free to contact us if you like what you see and want some more info about our design or how you can get one of your own! Hope you all are having a great week!


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