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This week’s post is brought to us by ALLISON SHAMRELL PET PHOTOGRAPHY.  Allison works in San Diego, CA, capturing the personalities of dogs and cats of all sizes & temperaments. She loves mexican food, dog beaches and road trips.  She is featuring our 12×12 in the light brown faux leather.  Enjoy!

Today’s blog post is a bit different – I’d like to show you one of my favorite products! It’s my premium album!

Listen, I don’t kid myself: I know that my clients can make their own photo books and get them printed at a bunch of online labs. And really, that’s fine with me, if they enjoy the process of making it themselves and they expect & acknowledge that a book of that caliber (anything you pay $20-40 for) isn’t going to last terribly long. I know that option exists – heck, in college, I made those kinds of books myself! – and so that’s why I set out to provide my clients with something so entirely different, there couldn’t possibly be any way to describe it in the same category. And thus, my premium albums were born! You’ve never seen books like these – let alone such high-quality albums for pet photography!

Here are a few qualities my clients have come to expect in their premium album:

~ 100% custom design. I create the entire photographic story & handle all the design work, from start to finish. I welcome my clients’ input & preferences, of course, but don’t worry: I do all the work.

~ Heirloom-quality construction. An amazing company called Madera creates my albums entirely by hand – you can see their process here in this awesome one-minute video if you’re curious.

~ Gorgeous leather finish with custom embossing. The kind that makes you say “wow” when you runs your hands over it.

~ Pages so thick, you’d never accidentally tear them. Reinforced backing gives the pages (which are real photographic prints!) substantial weight.

So take a look at the most recent premium album to arrive at my studio – Yuma‘s!



Yuma’s name is embossed on the front cover, a subtle yet unmistakable custom touch.


My logo is foil-printed on the inside front cover! Yay!


Lay-flat binding & page construction. You don’t see this every day.


Here are close-up images of a few pages in Yuma’s book…




adore quotes alongside images. I have my favorites, and I include my clients’ faves too… they help tell the story even more beautifully.


And just for fun, here’s a screenshot of my album design software! I love it because it gives me total freedom to arrange images & quotes however I want… and I’ll be honest, designing a whole album is an intensive process, but I find it quite fun!


Thank you for sharing this post with us Allison!

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