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Happy almost New Year! On this last Friday of the year, we have a post by THE SILHOUETTE STUDIO. Sarah is the woman behind the lens at The Silhouette Studio and she is based in East Texas. She loves dessert, is obsessed with throw pillows and enjoys a good hot cup of tea in the mornings. She’s featuring our oxblood leather in 11×14. Enjoy!
Typically I am underwhelmed by products and things that I receive in the mail. I have this whole grand idea of how it is going to look in my mind and when it gets here, well it’s usually less grand and more lackluster. Call it picky, I just like to think that I have REALLY high standards. Luckily for my clients, I have mulled through the massive amount of products and albums, canvases to prints and by process of elimination I present you the best. Today, literally an hour ago I received this client album in the mail. First off, I had no idea what the FedEx lady was giving me because it was so big and so heavy. I opened it thinking that it was something random that my husband ordered like a skill saw or a chess board.
As I moved away the packaging, the box sang. Yes, doves flew out and all. It was beautifully and wonderfully crafted. I carefully slipped off the clear packaging only to find the most amazing presentation box ever. Inside was an Oxblood, top grain leather album. I turned each page and reveled in its craftsmanship. 
So here you have it folks, not only do I answer emails at 3 o’clock in the morning, or organize your RSVPs on your custom made website, or hand edit every image and capture your wedding as if it were my own; I deliver your images to you in a custom designed, top grain leather album. Your memories to last a lifetime. That’s something to talk about sister. 
Here is the leather case that your album will be protected by.
Here is THE book!
My designs are simple and let the images speak in a classic and timeless way for themselves.
 The lay-flat designs will leave you near seamless pages so that the images do not get lost in a massive crease.
Here is the lovely Wooden Image Proof Box. It holds about 150 bordered, high quality images of your wedding day and safely nestled within is a wooden flash drive with your entire collection of wedding images!
Thank you Sarah for letting us share your post.
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Happy Friday! This week’s post is by J. ANNE PHOTOGRAPHY. It’s an older book, but a classic one. Jodi is a wedding photographer based in Las Vegas. She is a romantic at heart, her favorite season is spring and she loves fresh flowers and gold accents. She’s featuring our 12×12 in top grain black leather. Happy Weekend!

The airport in the Dominican Republic doesn’t have any air conditioning.  And it also doesn’t have any walls.  It is a large hut-like building with several palapas for a roof.  Huge fans move the air around, but palapas held up by wooden columns does not a building make.  Getting through ticketing, security, customs, and onto the other side of this glorified tent might end up taking two hours due to the incredibly laid back mentality of the island workers; however, once you make it to the other side you are rewarded by a generous helping of duty-free shopping.

I meandered through the perfumes and cigars when I was struck by something beautiful.  It was right in front of the watch cases.  A lazy-susan of paper.  Christian Lacroix Papier to be exact.  And I might have almost dropped my passport and dive lunged towards the display.  Okay, maybe a bit dramatic.  But when Janelle said… “Oh yeah, that’s right… you love paper!” as she sauntered passed me… a smile surfaced on my face that may have resembled something closer to a cartoon cheshire cat.  I do love paper.  And more so, I love well-designed paper.  Which is why it has taken me so long to finally fall in love with an album company, and to feel like I’m married to a product for my couples.

I design the spreads within the album myself (which is one of my faaaaavorite parts of the wedding process), and then the album is printed and bound by a company called Madera Books.  After I receive the book from Madera… secretly… I never want to give it to my client.  I am bound by a contract to do so, but the actual exchange of the album is always a bitter sweet moment for me.  And I also have to resist the urge to buy a duplicate album to keep as a “studio sample”… I use air quotes because having a stack of other people’s wedding albums on my bedside table would hardly meet the definition of a studio sample.  In fact, if my couples knew that I was staring at their faces before I went to bed at night… running my fingers across their embossed names on the leather front and spine of the book… smelling the flush mounted spreads… well, I might not book another wedding.  Evah.

So… I resist the urge to order the duplicate every time… but after you see the photos below, you might think about ordering a copy of David and Francesca’s wedding album for your own bedside material. {wink}





las-vegas-wedding-photography_0025Thank you Jodi for letting us share your lovely post.

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On this lovely (and chilly!) Friday, we have a post from KATIE NESBITT PHOTOGRAPHY.  KATIE is a wedding photographer based out of Virginia, but she and her husband (her second shooter) love traveling and photographing all around the world. She’s been obsessed with donuts since she was little, she has a cat named Lucy and if she could live on a flower farm she would. She’s featuring our 10×10 in burgundy. Enjoy your weekend!

Emilee and Jonathan’s album of their wedding day at the Airlie Center is one of the most unique ones we’ve sent out so far! They chose to upgrade from the linen album we offer to the burgundy leather, which they picked as a nod to their Virginia Tech roots! I was also so proud of how quickly they finalized the design! Sometimes it can take months, but they did it so fast! I’m in love with how beautiful this book turned out thanks to Madera Books and Align Album Design and I’m so excited that they’ll have this to share with their kids and grandkids someday







Thanks Katie for letting us share your post!

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It’s Friday!! Hurray!!

First, just a little reminder that you have 3 DAYS LEFT FOR OUR HOLIDAY DEADLINE. This will get your albums shipped in time for the holidays. Check out our post with all the details.

Second we have a lovely post by JESSICA RICH PHOTOGRAPHY. Jessica is a wedding, birth and family photographer based in Connecticut and available for travel. She loves cake, bacon, beautiful paper, cake, sarcasm, eyelashes and cake. She’s featuring our 10×10 linen book in steel. Enjoy!

If you choose a collection that includes an album you’re likely wondering what your album will look like. After all, there are almost as many choices in album manufacturers as there are in photographers and as with the photographers there’s a vast variety of both quality and price.

Right now my album manufacturer of choice is Madera Books and I make no secret about it. You’re welcome to check out their website where you can also find swatches for the cover material options. You’ll see they offer three different books and the one included with Collection Four is the Linen Book. The images below are of my sample album, which spends a lot of its time traveling to meetings with me and is handled extensively at bridals shows. It holds up incredibly well in conditions you’re unlikely to ever expose it to.

Madera Books is a wonderful company to work with and they produce some of the finest albums available on the market. They’re modern and fresh with a sophisticated palette of available colors and leathers. Most importantly the books are truly works of art. The books lay flat, have neat, tidy corners and have never arrived to me looking anything but perfect. Your book arrives in a black case with a suede interior. The album in Collection Four is 10″ x 10″ and includes 40 pages. More can be added, please check with me for the current pricing as costs from Madera do fluctuate on occasion.  The cover and spine can be blind embossed (as shown below on the cover) for an additional charge. Also available is an image cutout on the front cover (additional, as well).

All of Madera’s albums are flush mount, meaning the images are printed directly on photographic paper, folded, glued back to back and cut into a block. Flush mount albums are the current standard as opposed to traditional matted albums where photographs are printed individually and placed behind cutouts in the pages, much like a mat inside a frame.

If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to reach out!


An example of the blind embossing available for both the cover and the spine.


The corners are always neat and tidy, a testament to the workmanship of the manufacturer.


Detail of the embossed cover.


Your book will have an image of your choice as well as your names and wedding date inside.


Flush mount books have full sheets of real photographic paper. They are *not* the lesser quality press style books that use printing techniques used by magazines.


A sign of an excellent quality book is that the pages naturally lay flat.


Images can spread across the fold (called the gutter).


Another image that illustrates the quality of the book. The spine is neat and tidy.



Images don’t really do these books justice. To feel the heft of it in your hands makes you understand how substantial the books really are. Imagine yourself in a chair with your children or your grandchildren on your lap, turning the pages and reliving the memories of your day. This is your family’s history right here in your hands. You can’t do that with files stuck on a USB drive.

Thank you Jessica for sharing your pictures!

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Happy Black Friday! Today we have a post by MARY ALICE HALL PHOTOGRAPHY. Mary is a photographer in the Portland, OR area, but loves traveling. She also loves farmer’s markets, classic novels and old movies. Her post is featuring our 10×10 linen book in smoke, 10×10 in top grain black leather and 10×10 hardcover. Enjoy!

The emotional connection between my clients and their wedding images fuels me. It’s humbling to realize that the images I capture are going to be passed on for generations. This motivates me to provide pictures full of emotion that tell the story of a wedding day. Each image is a part of that incredibly special story.

Unfortunately, I believe this digital age has hindered this connection. Seeing an image on a monitor will never be the same as having a product or print to hold. Because I believe in the importance of printing your pictures, over a year ago I began to search for the perfect album.  When I discovered Madera Books I knew I had found the perfect way to offer my clients a tangible object.

I was thrilled to finally find an affordable album company that does not compromise on quality. Thick pages that lay perfectly flat, custom imprinting, beautiful leather, linen or portrait cover options,  I couldn’t love Madera albums more!










Thanks for your lovely post!

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