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Guess who’s turning 2 !?!?

This Friday, January 11th, is our SECOND BIRTHDAY!!!! To celebrate we will be giving away two books! All of the orders we get on Friday, the 11th (until midnight PST) will be entered in a drawing. Two orders will be drawn and those books will be free! We will do a live drawing for the names on Monday, the 14th.

So, save your orders till Friday for a chance to win!

*If you place an order for multiple books, only one will be free*

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Two Sticks Studios: Part 2

As promised, here’s the second post from our friends at TWO STICKS STUDIOS.  This one features the awesome 12 x 17 size album in the Marlboro leather. Thank you for sharing guys! We love your pictures!!!!


Every time I open up one of our  new albums, I think of my wedding album from 9 years ago. And it’s not because I love my album. It’s because I can’t believe I have such a crappy album in comparison.

Every photo is a 5 by 7 and covered with contact paper. I know you’ve seen them. They’re just hideous, although at the time it’s just that way it was done. God bless progress. We make no bones about how much we love our albums and the company that produces them – Madera Books. So when they came out with an even larger size the 12 by 17, we had to get one to show clients. It is ridiculous. The quality exceeds what everyone else in the industry does and the options when designing it are head-spinning.

When they’re done they are truly a family heirloom.

Click here for the design of the album we produced for Amy Sean, who were married on New Year’s Eve.

Thanks again!

You can find them here:








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Two Sticks Studios Part 1

Today we have a post by TWO STICKS STUDIOS.  They actually shared about our albums twice and the pictures are so good that we want to share them separately so we’re doing a 2 part post. Today’s featured album is a 12×12 size done in the premium brown leather. Two Sticks Studios is comprised of Bob Sanchuk and Chad Sebring. They are portrait and wedding photographers that cover the Scranton, Wilkes-Barre and Poconos area.


We just got our new sample album in the mail this week and WE LOVE IT!

We were pretty happy with our last album company, but are always trying to raise the bar for our clients. After seeing so many raves from some of the world’s top photographers, we had to try out newcomer Michael Norwood at Madera Books. He did not disappoint.

Michael is great to work with, and we look forward to many more albums to come. We can’t wait to do some day in the life kids and high school senior albums to go along with our wedding albums.

They are truly worthy of being family heirlooms.

To see the album pages click here.

I felt bad posting these pictures because they can not do the album justice, but here they are…

The book arrives in a beautiful box with a magnetic closure. Already impressed before I see the album.


We chose a premium leather cover from more than 30 cover options. It’s buttery soft…

Cover imprinting…

…and imprinting on spine!

Pages lay flat with a gutter so small, its almost not there!

My wife makes a good book model.

12″x12″ album = 2 foot wide photo spread… try that with your parents’ wedding album!

She’s pretty strong. These things are heavy!

Stay tuned for part 2 coming next week!!

Thank you Two Sticks Studios for letting us share your amazing pictures.

You can find them here:






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Tessa J.

Today we have the lovely photos and post by Tessa J.  Tessa is a fine-art, lifestyle wedding & portrait photographer based in The Woodlands, TX…but she is also available for travel worldwide.




Albums are easily overlooked in this digital age culture. Now you can have an online gallery of your photos for your family and friends to see. Digital is convenient. But I can’t describe to you the value of having your  moments printed out and displayed for people to pick up and touch when visiting your home. It’s not enough to just have your photos on your computer and a few printed in cheap frames. You want to be able to tell your story through photos. Having an album is just that – a form of storytelling. From the most important details to the memories you created with the people you love.

These albums are made locally in Houston, TX!

Different kinds of leather and faux leather to choose from.

Thank you Madera for making quality albums, I’m in love with them and can’t wait for more people to experience them!

Thank YOU Tessa for letting us share your post!

You can find her here:






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Aevum Photography

Today’s post is from AEVUM PHOTOGRAPHY  which features a 10 x 10 album in the Marlboro leather option.  Aevum Photography is based in the New Jersey/New York area, but they are willing to travel all over the world to capture crazy love. Thanks for the post guys!


Just yesterday I shipped this bad boy out to Brian and Stacy. This wedding book is covered in what’s called Marlboro Leather, and I think it goes without saying that it’s pretty rugged and distressed looking. This is the first album that we’ve delivered that’s covered with this type of leather and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

Again, thank you so much Darren and Taylor for letting us share your awesome images!

You can follow them here:




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