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This week we are sharing a post that features a 10×10 album in top grain brown from CAPTURING SUBTLETIES.  Sandy is the photographer behind the lens at Capturing Subtleties.  She’s based in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is addicted to dark chocolate, loves freshly baked cookies and could wear a yellow sundress every day ;) (her words, not mine!). Here’s her post…..


About six months ago, I decided I would give a new album company a little test drive.  I’m always re-assessing my products, my equipment and my knowledge – to make sure it’s at the highest quality it can be.  Yes, sometimes I can be a little picky (my husband is all too aware of this and would say a LOT picky… every month it’s something new that I MUST upgrade)!  After receiving my first album from Madera Books (other photographers – truly!  go check them out!), I was overjoyed.  The leather, the binding, the photo quality – everything was perfect.  I was in love :).

I decided it was due time to share my new love with you all when I ordered a few more of these albums in January for some clients (Marie and Peter, you’re famous again!  And Britney and Lucas are back!).   Are you ready for a tour?!

The album comes in it’s very own leather box with a magnet closure.  Gorgeous.

The book comes in multiple options of thick leather – you can upgrade to a premium leather, choose faux leather – or stay with the standard!  The standard is the leather that you’ll see in these pictures.

The pages are THICK.  Thicker than cardboard thick.

And the gutter… I mean… what gutter?  You can barely tell it’s even a page break.  These albums are made with lay-flat binding, which means there is no crease or fold in the pages – they lay completely flat.

You also can choose to have the cover imprinted with ANYTHING you want!  As you can see… Marie and Peter wanted to share their love for pie and bbq as well ;).

I truly LOVE how the album looks when it’s opened!  Each page is custom designed by myself and tailored to each unique wedding – I love to tell the story of the entire wedding day!

The albums truly blew me away.  I am so excited to finally be sharing them with you and hope that you fall as deeply in love as I did :)


Thank you so much Sandy! We love your pictures!!


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