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This weeks post is by CHIP GILLESPIE. He’s a photographer, story teller, documentarian, artist, believer, husband and father based in Houston, TX. And he’s featuring a whole library (midnight linen, slate linen, steel linen, portrait books and yellow lamb) of our books all in the 8×8 sizes.. Enjoy!

I wanted to share some sample portrait albums that arrived this week. I’m proud to offer madera books Portrait Albums as a part of a new Famliy and Portrait Sessions pricing structure beginning this Spring. These albums are eight inches square and feature covers in paper, linen, and leather. The quality of these albums is unmatched, as is the craftsmanship.

If you’d like to come and see them in person or would like more information on family portrait sessions, hit “contact” above to make an inquiry or schedule an appointment. I’ll be glad to share them with you.


Photo Cover


Thank you Chip for your wonderful images of all of our books!

You can find him here:






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