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This is from Michael Norwood’s blog:

I shot Veronica and Jason’s wedding in San Pedro a few weeks ago. As I was going through the images I loved how many great authentic moments there were. It got me thinking about my job as a photographer. Looking back over the images from Cyndie and I’s wedding, the images that mean the most are the ones that captured a moment and more specifically an emotion. *THIS* is what weddings are about. Sure, I love to shoot portraits. I’d probably go so far to say that’s my favorite part of the wedding day. But, the fact remains that in the end I’m there to shoot a *WEDDING*… and weddings are about 2 people coming together to join their lives. That is an incredibly emotional thing and we, as photographers, are given the responsibility of capturing it.

I’ve never received an email from a client saying, “I didn’t even know you were there!” I talk, laugh, joke with my clients throughout the day. It makes them comfortable having me around and I feel like I get better images because of it. I’m definitely not a pure photojournalist but I take the responsibility of documenting their wedding day very seriously.

So after thinking about all of that I decided to do and entire blog post only showing “moments” from the day… no portraits, no details. The only images I had any hand in “staging” were the ones from the “First Look” and those I only told them where to stand. The rest were as real as they get.

So here’s the contest.

If you’re a photographer I want you to blog an entire wedding with no portraits, no details and no staged or directed shots. I don’t care if you’ve already blogged the wedding. Go through and pick out the best moments and show me what you’ve got.

Leave a comment below telling me you want to be a part of the contest. You’ll have 6 days to blog it. Next Thursday I will go through all of the entries and pick my 5 favorites. On Friday I’ll post the finalists and we’ll have a vote. Monday the winner will be announced.

One last thing… This is not about getting everyone from Facebook and Twitter to vote for you. I’ll be checking up on everyone to make sure their not campaigning. Telling people to check out the contest is cool but none of this “I *REALLY* need your vote to win this contest” stuff I see all of the time. OK? Cool.

*THE WINNER* will receive a *FREE* 8×10 10 spread (20 side) album from Madera Books. (or an equal credit toward another size album).

Okay, now on to the images.

I love how everyone in the room has a hand in helping her get her dress on, haha. Only on a wedding day is that normal.

Wedding Album

The first look and a quick prayer.

I *LOVE* this shot of Veronica and her dad watching everyone enter the ceremony. I was able to get this because I had my good friend and awesome photographer, Victor Sizemore shooting the processional. Good second shooters give you the freedom to take risks on the wedding day to get images you couldn’t if you had to get the “safe shot”.

Another great father/daughter moment.

A few shots from their communion that I love.

Shooting the recessional is always one of my favorite things. The couple is always so excited and usually shows a lot of emotion.

I also love focusing on the couple during the toasts. There’s always a lot of great reactions.

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