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This week we have DEER LOVERS sharing a post on our very popular linen book.  Anna + Andrew are the couple behind Deer Lovers….Anna can cook like a monster and Andrew was raised by wolves ;) and together they share a love for people and their stories.  Their post features a 10×10 album in our slate linen. Enjoy!!

There are few things in life that get me as excited as when i hear the UPS truck squeal to a stop in front of our house and a little package gets dropped at our doorstep. There is an eager anticipation in the air as we tear open the parcel.. i mean, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good bit’ve mail? Well, the other day we received our first client wedding album, and let me tell you, it is the sleekest, sexiest album i’ve ever seen. We are so excited to be partnering with Madera Books to print our images! As you know, we’re all about beautiful memories, and Madera is all about creating ways to hold those memories. Their albums are killer – with a combination of rich leather and linen covers, and thick pages that will last longer than you will. Seriously.

So, why get a wedding album at all?  I’ve noticed early on that clients that didn’t purchase a wedding album turned out to be clients that also rarely ever got around to printing any photos from their wedding or doing anything other than putting that disc up on a shelf and hoping the dog didn’t run off with it. Albums are a crucial, c r u c i a l part of wedding photography. They are a real and tangible way of keeping your memories close. Keeping them on your coffee table. In your office. At your parent’s house. Keeping them in places where they can be poured over again and again, not just in your mind, but with your children, your family and your friends. Your wedding day is the most sacred, most beautiful, most indescribably unreal experience you will ever know. And i hope. Oh i hope, that you will allow us the privilege of putting those memories on paper.

So please. Indulge. And dive into this beauty with us. We know you want to.















Thank you so much Anna + Andrew for sharing your amazing pictures of our linen book.

You can find them here:







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