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Today we have a post from ERIN FOREHAND PHOTOGRAPHY.  Erin is a photographer located in the Harrisonburg, VA area.  She is a wife, mother and lover of love stories.  She is featuring our 25 spread 10×10 book in top grain khaki.  Enjoy!

When I first started photographing weddings, I didn’t really offer albums. I had a company I sort of liked so I had an album made and I just wasn’t truly happy with it. Last year I decided I needed to get my act together and really offer my clients something more. Something I was happy with as the photographer. Something I could be truly proud of and excited to show my clients!!! I had several friends who had used Madera and were very happy with them, so I decided to give them a try and let me tell you… I’m so happy I did!

With digital photography so popular most people end up with their wedding pictures on a disc, flash drive, or just sitting on their computer. Beautiful images deserve so much more than that! You as a couple work SO HARD on your wedding day, and your photographer works SO HARD to give you an amazing experience and gorgeous images! They should be on display for everyone to see! I think that a beautiful, high quality album is an amazing way to do that!

I chose to showcase Liz and Clarke‘s amazing wedding in my new sample album! All albums come in these incredible leather cases!

2014-03-31_0001 2014-03-31_0002 2014-03-31_0003 2014-03-31_0004 2014-03-31_0005 2014-03-31_0006 2014-03-31_0007 2014-03-31_0009 2014-03-31_0010 2014-03-31_0011 2014-03-31_0012 2014-03-31_0013 2014-03-31_0014 2014-03-31_0015 2014-03-31_0016 2014-03-31_0017 2014-03-31_0018 2014-03-31_0019 2014-03-31_0020 2014-03-31_0021 2014-03-31_0022 2014-03-31_0023 2014-03-31_0024

Thank you Erin for sharing your album with us!

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