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Gert Huygaerts Wedding Photography

Today we have a post from GERT HUYGAERTS and he’s featuring an 8×12 album in premium brown.  Gert is a photographer located in Belgium and his passion is wedding photography.


The only way to really cherish your photos is something to have and to hold. A CD or a DVD is fun to have… An album is the ultimate way of presenting your story. My view on serving my clients is to offer them the best possible service and products. In search of the most beautiful and high-quality album, I’m now teaming up with Madera for my Exclusive line albums.

Madera Books is being managed by Michael Norwood, who is a wedding photographer himself. So he knows what a good wedding album is and what the needs really are. One thing stands out with Madera Books: handmade quality that will last years and years.


The first thing you see is the awesome leather-covered box, which every Madera book gets shipped in. A beautiful box to store your heirloom safely.

A nice padded interior keeps your book safe from scratches.

The beauty it is…

 High quality photographic paper with a black core, fur just that little extra touch

 Straight cut pages, no defaults are being tolerated.

Premium leather for a durable cover and a nice soft feeling

Possibilities for debossing cover and spine. I took advantage of this to get my studio name on the back of my sample album!

That’s what is meant by a “lay-flat” album. No more words needed.

A gutter of only 1 mm makes sure you will never get discolored or cracked photos in the centre.

Lay-out possibilities stay the same as ever… it’s your story!

Thank you so much for letting us re-share your post!

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