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Today we have a beautiful post by HALEY SHEFFIELD.  Haley loves weddings, people, trees, flowers and meadows.  She also loves Psalms, C.S. Lewis, dreaming, singing and writing. And above all she is passionate and dedicated to capturing the love you share. In this post she is featuring our 8×10 book in Marlboro.


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If there’s any one thing I love about my job, it is that I am capturing real, lasting memories. My heart melts at the thought of the pages of your wedding album opening on your 30th wedding anniversary–the two of you reminiscing on the day your journey began. I believe your photos are so much more than a profile picture or a share on instagram. I believe that a photograph really does hold a memory worth a thousand words. For generations to come, the people you love will get to know you through your photos, identify with you through your photos, and, ultimately, remember you through your photos.

That is why every one of my weddings now includes your images delivered in a custom wooden box with a collection of archival prints for you to remember your day by. In addition, your digital images are housed on custom wooden USB for you to share online and store on your computer.

In addition, I offer a custom leather album hand-crafted to withstand the test of time and keep your memories housed on archival quality paper that wont bend or stain as you pour over its pages again and again.

Like most women, I started dreaming about weddings and marriage at a very early age. I remember sitting for hours with my siblings and cousins looking through our grandparents’ old photos. Even then, I was fascinated by the idea of a love that grows old as you do. To this day, I consider those moments as the start of my love for photographs and capturing memories.

Many of those feelings I had as a young girl still resonate with me today. Quality over quantity. The value of a moment captured in time. The pricelessness of holding a photograph of someone you love. The importance of having a family heirloom.

So what my heart beats for is this:

Your memories made tangible.


This beautiful reclaimed wood table provided by Lamon Luther at Studio South.


Thank you Haley for sharing these wonderful pictures.

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