Madera Books

Hi Yanessa!

Over the last couple of years we’ve grown like crazy.  We’ve made thousands of books, thrown the best parties WPPI has ever seen and *almost* completely ignored you on social media. It was just too much to handle. We apologize.

Well all of that changes NOW!

Everyone say hello to Yanessa!

Yanessa is Madera’s new Social Media… person(?)… liaison(?)… guru(?)… whatever, we’ll work on the title but you get the idea, right?  She’s going to be answering all of your questions on TWITTER, sending you pretty pictures on INSTAGRAM, and liking all those pictures of your cat you post on FACEBOOK. Well, maybe not that one but she’ll be on there too if you need something.

She’s also going to be updating this blog a lot more regularly. It’s been a year since this thing’s gotten any love. Hey don’t judge. I’ve seen how often some of you guys blog. ;)

Here’s a few pictures of Yanessa… she’s awesome.  So is her husband Nick. They live in NYC. We have weekly picnics in Central Park. Picnics are awesome. I’m rambling.

You Just Became Way Cooler...