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This week we have a post with amazing images from KRIS RAE PHOTOGRAPHY.  Kris is a New England based photographer who loves to tell stories, and capture beautiful images, no matter where that takes him. Enjoy!

This one has been a long-time coming.  You might know by now that Lauren Ann+Pete were/are our first couple to sign-up and contract us to shoot their wedding.  If only for this they would share a special place in our hearts. But, they’ve become so much more to us than just our first clients.  We count them among our absolute best friends here in Connecticut.  And, if ever there was a cheerleader for our talent, Lauren Ann is the queen-bee.  She has referred not one, but four of her friends to us in the last 2 years.  Simply amazing. We’re so grateful that not only does she speak so highly of us, but that all of her friends have chosen to put their trust in us as well.  We’re truly humbled.

We’re so happy that we were finally able to deliver their dream book to them.  Knowing Lauren Ann, Pete, and their entire clan like we do, we know that this book is going to be loved and appreciated for generations.  And, that, is exactly why we do what we do.

Thank you so much LA+Pete!  We love you guys!

Book Specs:
12×12″ Leather Book by Madera
Cover Material: Ocean Premium Leather
Features: Spine Imprinting, Cover Photo (5×5″), Interior Front Cover Foil Stamping (not shown), 49 Pages

Thank you Kris for sharing these with us!

You can find him here:






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