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We were so flattered by the response of those of you that wrote about our books.  Thank you to all of you! We will continue to share them with everyone. Today we have a post from LIBERTY TREE PHOTOGRAPHY.


This season I switched album companies for my wedding clients and though I was excited about my choice (based on samples, research, and colleague referrals), I still felt a slight amount of hesitation and risk until I actually held the first one in my hand.

Well, let me say that any shred of doubt or second-guessing has flown out the window now as I’m completely in love with the finished product. This 10″ x 10″, 20 page (40 side) leather album and box cover weighs 11 pounds! It’s heavy, solid, and has a luxurious presence. The colour and clarity of the prints are perfect and I’m so excited for my clients to receive their package.

To be honest, though, I’m thinking of changing our names to Jake and Patricia and dying my hair red and just keeping it for myself ;P

Clients will have their choice of leather or linen cover and either a cameo picture window on the front or name/date imprinted on the front or side.

Thank you Emily for the lovely post and your beautiful photos!

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