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Merry Christmas to all! Today we have a post by M LU PHOTOGRAPHY.  Melanie is a family and portrait photographer in Northern California.  She is extremely passionate about her clients, loves her succulent and cactus collection and her favorite city is Montreal. Enjoy!

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Madera Books saves my life. Well, not exactly. For example, if I scraped my knee Madera would not be there to give me a bandaid, and if I was falling from the roof of a building, Cyndie, my Madera Rep, would probably not come swinging from a nearby tree and catch me as I fall. HOWEVER, if I were ever feeling down I know that if I picked up one of my Madera sample albums and flipped through the pages it would be sure to make my heart sing with pure bliss.

We all know photography does this. Photo’s can take you back to a time and a place that has so quickly passed us by. They can make us feel young, maybe they can even make us feel old. They can draw tears from eyes, laughter from our souls and they can even have the power to heal broken hearts. I know all this because I see it every day. I experience it. We all do.

So why do we let our photos sit on USB drives or worse yet, on social media or our computers which can at any moment be snatched from us. What if your computer crashes, or worse yet, what if those social media websites suddenly went blank? What would we do?! Lucky for you, I’ll be here with Madera to save your life. With tangible moments in custom layouts that tell the STORY of your day wrapped up in beautiful vegan and premium leathers that you handpicked. Doesn’t sound very heroic? You’ll thank me later ;)


Albums by Madera Books

8X8 Leather album

Cover on Maternity: Light Brown Faux Leather

Cover on Newborn: Gray Premium Leather


The verdict? My clients said that their albums were beautiful and absolutely loved how bright white the pages and image were. They also commented on how the crease in-between the pages was nearly invisible. Score! :)

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Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 10.07.50 PM

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Thank you Melanie for sharing this post with us!

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