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This week we have a post from MARY DOUGHERTY PHOTOGRAPHY.  Mary is a wedding and portrait photographer that lives in the rolling hills of western NY.  She is a self-proclaimed foodie and an artist at heart that is always striving to create.  Her post features our 10×10 book in top grain black leather.


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It’s so satisfying to have a finished product. It’s a sentiment I can share with each couple when posting and delivering their wedding images, and once again should they choose to include a wedding album. For some people, an album is superfluous to the digital lives we live. For people like me, who need an escape every once in a while – if not routinely – into the world free of technology, a handcrafted album is a welcome change of pace. It asks not only to be opened, carefully looked through and shared with a group of family or friends, but passed along through generations.

Now, I’m even more excited about the finished product.

I’ve decided to partner with Madera Books to create the wedding and portrait albums that I offer to clients. Aren’t they lovely? Not only do I think they create a better quality book, they have some great customer service which of course makes my job easier. In the end the change was not motivated out of dissatisfaction with my old album company, but the prospect of what Madera could offer me… and in turn you! Take a look:

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The album boxes are included and give you a way to safely store or stack your album if needed. I think it’s nice to know it will arrive safe and sound in the box and not be subject to accidents.

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The pages have a sturdy core and professionally printed archival photo paper is mounted to each side. This is what allows the layout to be so flexible and include so much variety. On the cover is an inset photo of the couple’s choice, included with every wedding book.

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A small seam separates each side of the page. Previously my albums had a fold that allowed no break, except that the image because a little bit distorted as the fold was used and turned with wear. I think the seam is a better lasting solution.

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Thank you Mary for sharing your post with us!

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