Madera Books

The Leather Book

Our flagship product is made with old world craftsmanship and a whole lotta love. Covered in an array of luxurious European leathers, soft, supple lamb or gorgeous calf hide, this book looks like a million bucks… and that’s before your clients open it and see your photographs.

If our job is to make you look good, consider this our finest offering.

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The Portrait Book

We’ve taken the best parts of our flagship product, The Madera Book, and trimmed the fat. What you’re left with is a top quality flushmount book made with photographic prints and a photo wrapped cover for a fraction of the cost.

The Portrait Book is a little less formal, and a little more affordable. Everybody wins.

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The Linen Book

So you love The Leather Book but its just a little too… much. You can’t get enough of The Portrait Book but for this client its just not… enough. Wrapped in an elegant yet durable linen bookcloth, The Linen Book is for those times when you want a book that’s little more sophisticated but less formal than a leather bound book.

Consider The Linen Book the Goldilocks of our product line.

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