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Today we have a post by TAMI MELISSA PHOTOGRAPHY. Tami Melissa Photography is a husband (Ryan) and wife team based in New Jersey and are wedding and lifestyle photographers who are inspired by love . This post features the following books: 8×10 in brown lamb, 8×8 in top grain navy, 11×14 in top grain navy and an 8×8 portrait book. Enjoy!


When I came across Madera Books, I didnt have to look any further!  The company was brand new, created by a fellow wedding photographer – Michael Norwood! (Ryan and I even had the pleasure to personally work with him – he second shot our wedding!). He was able to create one of the most beautiful albums any wedding photographer could ask for!  Check them out for yourself!Here is our 8×8, 8×10 and 11×14 stacked together!  The 11×14 seems to be our most popular!
The opening spread!
Love that they are lay-flat albums!
All of our lovelies come with a photo of your choosing on the front!
You even have the option of imprinting on the cover or spine!
I have a discrete black logo on the back of the front cover :)  Nothing too showy!
I absolutely love the Portrait Books!  We use these for engagement albums and guest books! The entire front cover is personalized with an image from your engagement!
The pages may be thinner than the leather albums, but just as beautiful!
thank you for sharing your post and pictures!!
You can find them here:

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