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This week we have a post from THOR*TOGRAPHY.  Thor is a father and has a regular job in Saginaw, MI by day and is a photographer by night…or at least in his spare time.

In this post he is featuring a 12×12 album in light brown calf leather.  I leave you with his post and pictures…

I decided to start working with a new vendor to make high-end wedding albums. My sample album arrived in the mail today. It’s gorgeous. A big 12×12 album with leather cover, lay flat, near invisible gutter in the middle, imprinting, cover photo and sweet box that matches the quality of the book. The future looks really good. The pictures below are a weak attempt at showcasing the album. If you would like to see it in person drop me a line.



Thank you Thor for letting us share your post!

You can find him here:







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