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WPPI 2016



It’s that time again! If you’re one of the 15,000 or so photographers going to Las Vegas next week we’d love to see you!  No, not in the tradeshow.  If you know us, by now you know that we’re not really the tradeshow types. We actually have a few opportunities to say hi, a couple to see the books, and at all of them we’ll make sure you don’t leave thirsty.


Join us Monday and Tuesday afternoons from 3pm-6pm at our suite in the MGM Signature for beer, wine, cocktails and… of course you can see the books and ask questions too!

Bring you friends over for a drink on us!

We’ll email/tweet/instagram/facebook the suite number once we confirm it on Sunday afternoon.


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Madera, Blogstomp and Shootproof are joining forces to save the world… well we’re trying to raise money to help Thirst Relief bring clean water to the world.  We’re taking care of the cost so 100% of the ticket cost goes to Thirst Relief.  Come party with us in our favorite suite in Las Vegas and help bring clean water to those in need in the process!

There are a limited number of spots. Click here to secure your ticket!

Looking forward to seeing everyone!  Hit us up on social media if you have any questions or want to find us in Vegas!

See you there!

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